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Project Abstracts

Project Abstracts

Joyce Alexander
Promote professional growth among inpatient oncology staff nurses.

Tammy Baltic
Establish an interdisciplinary team to standardize care of central vascular access devices (CVAD) in the oncology patient population and vreate a continuous quality improvement (CQI) process for tracking CVADs at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Marilyn Bedell
Develop a strategic plan for the school of nursing that is reality-based and "owned" by the faculty.

Carlton Brown
Implemented pain as the fifth vital sign on inpatient Hem/Onc ward.

Marianne Bunce
Focusing on increasing membership involvement in her local chapter.

Catherine Carpenter
Devise a way to heighten interest in the HIV SIG and recruit/retain members.

Cheryl Carr
Start a local chapter.

Melissa Craft
Implement protocol for journaling as mechanism of support for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

Marianne Davies
Develop a mentorship program for novice nurse practitioners.

Alison Domer
Increase the exchange of ideas and information between the hospital nursing staff and the clinical trials office to help improve protocol compliance while a participant is hospitalized.

Barbara Fine
Developing an intensity tool for ambulatory care.

Denise Friesema
Define reorganization and appropriate staffing in the clinical research setting.

Ghenet Ghebretatios
Expand an existing program "Strength for Caring" and reach a large portion of cancer care givers.

Tracy Gosselin
Design a survey to assess how oncology nurses in the state of North Carolina advocate for patients and what resources they use.

Marilyn Haas
Increase organizational skills in coordinating an educational event for the community base oncology patients & survivors.

Gabrielle (Gay)C. Johnson
Re-market the hospital's oncology department.

Brenda Keith
Encourage her facility to apply for FACT accreditation.

Jeannie Keith
Utilize resources available to put together a nursing class comprised of the oncology core curriculum.

Gail Kwarciany
Develop a clinical resource role to guide the nursing staff and formulate a valued and productive nursing role.

Michele Long
In-service staff on all aspects of peripheral blood stem cell transplants.

Lynn Marzinski
Facilitating adoption of JCAHO pain management guidelines in two healthcare facilities and change nursing practice regarding pain management.

Patty Minkler
Standardization of chemotherapy verification in both the adult and pediatric settings (inpatient and outpatient).

Loretta Morehead
Lead the center in being able to provide miniallogenetic transplants.

Susan Nemetz
Improve the availability of psychosocial support given to women undergoing bresat cancer diagnostic procedures or treatment at Athens Regional Medical Center.

Diane Otte
Development of a strategic business plan for a university-based radiation therapy department.

Julie Ponto
Develop a strategic plan process for her workgroup.

Kerri Potsko
Bring educational opportunities to the Hematology Oncology clinic through monthly presentations at unit meetings.

Janet Pruitt
Conduct a study of the education of nurses in the field of Radiation Oncology.

Jeanene Robison
Develop a business plan and educational programs for CTC-ONS members.

Patricia Y. Ryan
Form an oncology interest group to promote and encourage oncology nursing as a specialty at the undergraduate level of a baccalaureate nursing program.

Jean Sellers
Facilitate and end-of-life discussion among healthcare workers and members of the community.

Tracy Skripac
Developing a corporate oncology educational plan, policies and procedures for two recently-merged institutions.

Anne Slivjak
Involve her local ONS chapter members in a tobacco prevention program called "Tar Wars" targeting 4th and 5th grade students.

Linda J. Smith
Create a culture that promotes the success of volunteers and realign leadership roles and responsibilities to accommodate today's volunteers' time.

Kathyrn Sorlie
Targeted changing the staffing model from a dyad model to a primary care model with support.

Dawn Stefanik
Help facilitate a major renovation of the Infusion Center.

Robi Thomas
Develop a new nursing/patient care delivery model for the inpatient oncology unit.

Shirley Triest-Robertson
Daylong presentation for her ONS chapter's members on leadership.

Nina Trocky
Write and submit an article for publication in a professional journal.

Julie Wildes
Examined developing standards of care for patients undergoing radiation therapy.

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