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Project Plans

Georgia Akin
Development a new orientation packet for newly hired RNs.

Inga Aksamit
Create a vision, mission statement, goals for clinical services McKesson.

Sabrina Bielefeldt
Multidisciplinary Chemotherapy Education on 2BLES.

Catherine Bishop
Development of local chapter program designed to address the special needs of the oncology APN - NP/CNS.

Ronda Bowman
Develop and implement of a leadership development program for the clinical staff leaders

Brenda Brein
A Team Building project to meet the nurses perceived needs

Elizabeth Brown
Provide a framework for building collaborative relationships between the inpatient and outpatient staffs

Carlin Callaway
Promote oncology nursing within my military institution/framework

Kathleen Castro
Develop curricullum in 2nd year of the ONIP NCI program to build leadership skills

Susan Childress
Comprehensive cancer nurse staff development that includes an oncology nurse internship program and continuous staff development support.

Deborah Cline
Evaluate the nursing perception of "control over practice" and PACT formation using an exisiting valid survey.

Joan Collett
Develop an orientation/training course for nurses new to medical oncology at Central Utah Cancer Clinic

Kim Consalvo
Chemotherapy Medication Safety/QI

Liva Cunningham
Develop Nursing Leadership meetings with in our organization for cohesiveness among the offices with cancer specialty to set standards for patient care

Julie DeLisle
Develop an orientation program for chemotherapy infusion nurses with a track for experienced oncology nurses verses non-experienced nurses

Rose Ermete
Clinical Trial Staff Mentorship Program

Tracy German
Inception of a patient advocacy program in the private office

Wendy Hendrick
Henrico Doctors Hospital will hold an OCN review course in order to assist oncology nurses to prepare to take the OCN exam

Paula Hyden
Improving patient quality of life through improved pain management and symptom management

Elizabeth Johnson
Follow up calls to patients after discharge

Jennifer Kelley
Institute a visable flag on patient electronic chart to alert clinicians to patients who are on oral chemotherapy

Donna Kinzler
Establish a dedicated pancreatic cancer center with a weekly multidisciplinary tumor conference

Alanna Klekar
The Tufts-New England Medical Center Bone Marrow and Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Program will develop a BMT specific diaster plan as an addendum to the hospital disaster plan

Holly Longmuir
Develop, initially, inservices for non-oncology anciallary staff to care for chemo contaminated linens with body fluid and chemotherapy spills when oncology staff are unavailable

Kathryn Loufman
Decrease clinic wait time for check-in to roomed/assessed by 7/07 for head and neck clinic

Deborah McClendon
Using the ACS's active for life employee wellness program to influence behaviors for cancer prevention

Jeanine Richmond
Develop a more effective process for caring for the needs of the patients coming to the hospital for outpatient transfusions

Julie Rinaldi Fuller
Needs assessment of a nout patient chemo treatment center as part of BCH

Krista Rowe
Integrate a patient focused care delivery model on our inpatient leukemia unit

Anne Schmidt
Develop a job description for a liaison RN to function between private outpatient practice and hospital

David Schneider
Palliative care staff education at MJH

Amy Sims
Develop a formal mentoring program following orientation

Geline Joy Tamayo
Review the use of antiemetics with lung cancer patients undergoing comomitant chemo and radical treatment

Angelia Temple
Develop a local chapter of ONS in the West Houston area

Tanya Watson
Unite all executive summary of my proposed role of the adult NP in an ambulatory clinic at a large academic setting and present this to key influencial people within my organization

Daniel Wixom
Develop ONS chapter for Solano Napa County area of California

Piera Wong
Development of a palliative care program (P.C. program)

Patricia Woods
Develop "in house" OCN review course for hospital RNs


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